shed for sale- cold storage shed- steel stricture shed price

 Sale shed 30% off 

We are experts in the design of cold storages above zero and below zero

Ask our powerful team for cold storage drawing and calculations

Basic design with the lowest cost is the key to your success


  A coldstorage shed  1536M
to start a production joB

The type of metal structure of this shed is beam

Specifications of this shed
32M width
48M length
9 meters high
A metal shed with screw connection
Quality sheet with grade ST37
The total weight of the structure is 50 tons
Has a construction plan
Has an installation and assembly plan
Has a calculation notebook

A very resistant and lifelong engineering structure
All parts have numbers for ease of installation
This metal structure is produced in Iran’s Pars Sole industrial factory

All European standards have been included in the design and construction of this structure

You can buy this metal frame and receive it within 30 days

The price per ton is 980 dollars at the door of the Iranian factory

Can be ordered for the countries of Oman – UAE – Iraq – Azerbaijan – Armenia – Syria – Uzbekistan – Turkey – Kuwait – Qatar – Bahrain – Jordan – Turkmenistan –   Pakistan – Cyprus – Kazakhstan and all regions of Europe

Always contact us to order the construction of sheds and prefabricated metal frames

Our prices are cheaper than Türkiye and China

Any orders for the construction of sheds and steel structures for stadiums, factories, production plans, cold storages, slaughterhouses, halls, warehouses, buildings and steel frames for residential buildings, heavy steel frame

Pars Sule company with half a century of experience in the field of design and construction ofmetal structures and sheds




If you are interested in our products,you can contact us at any time.

Building Purpose:

we will recommend the best design for the purpose of the building.
A. Warehouse/Storage
B. Factory
C. Agriculture Barn
D. Retail Store
E. Repair/Mechanic Shop
F. Office Space
G. Medical Warehouse
H. Animal Farm (please confirm what kind of animal)
with help of modern designing softwares such as AUTOCAD, PKPM, 3D3S, SAP2000, Tekla structures(Xsteel),we provide full designing and detailing service to all customers.

New Style
workshop storage prefab apartment building new product ideas modern fashion light building steel structure prefab house
$19.00 – $50.00 square meter
100 square meters(MOQ)
Modern Design Prefabricated Steel Structure Construction Pre Engineered Warehouse Building Prefab Industrial Metal Building
$19.00 – $50.00 square meter
100 square meters(MOQ)
steel supply and fabrication steel structure stadium hall construction building
$19.00 – $50.00 square meter
100 square meters(MOQ)
We’ll provide the detailed installation drawing, supervisors guiding installation is available. We can do turnkey job for some kind of projects.
1. Do you provide on-site installation service? we can provide Installation guide service based on customers’ request. 2.What’s your delivery time? Salesman will confirm the time accordingly, large order should communicate with order management department in advance. Normally, delivery time is 30days after receiving deposit. Large order delivery time should be arranged separately. 3.How to control the quality of your product? a. quality of the design: think about possible problems in advance and provide a high-quality design solution. b. quality of the raw material: choose the qualified raw material c. quality of the production: precise manufacturing technique, experienced workers, strict quality inspection. 4. If there is a clear service life of your products? If have, how long? Under conventional climate and environment, steel structure whole building 10 years, main structure 15 years, protecting system 10 years. 5. What designs do you have in different climates (How can the products adopt to different climates)? Strong wind region: improve the wind-resisting ability of the internal structure. Cold region: increase the thickness of the wall, or use good insulation material, improve the anti-pressure ability of the structure. High corrosion region: use corrosion resistant material, or paint anticorrosive coating

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